Our company has made a complete turnaround since we have partnered with ITsoft, we have also enjoyed surprising our client with real-time visibility, reliable reporting, split-second communication, exemplary performance and satisfied customers that ITsoft has brought to our program.  ITsoft has been very good at resolving IT Solutions for us. Below are only some benefits of working with Mike of ITsoft. ITsoft have built major APPs USA wide.

This year at Franklin Energy, we had the opportunity to make a big adjustment to our floundering Ameren Missouri Efficient Energy Appliance Recycling program. Because we had worked with Mike Treat’s team previously, we knew of ITsoft IT capabilities and strengths and we entered into a partnership with them.

Responsiveness. Any time that we have requested an adjustment in one of the tools, it is only a matter of hours, sometimes even minutes, that the change is made.

Tools. The 3 major tools that ITsoft maintains and made available to my team and me helped us manage the program, understand and follow the processes and accurately report to our client:  There was many ITsoft applications that we used from ITsoft, that worked absolutely great.

Support. The ITsoft team possesses a thorough understanding of our data, IT, reporting, security and safety requirements, and whenever we have requested changes, training or any other form of support, they are on the phone with us promptly - sometimes within minutes. The team is smart, honest, transparent, dedicated and enthusiastic.

Connie Barenkamp Franklin Energy

I am writing to recommend ITsoft for your next project as they are a highly skilled team of professionals that will work to understand your needs and provide excellent results. You can be assured that if you choose ITsoft, you will have the tools and systems you need to meet your goals. As a woman-owned business, ITsoft understands the value of every opportunity and will work hard to understand the project objectives, address any of your concerns, and communicate openly and promptly.

While ITsoft has primarily worked on appliance recycling tools and systems over the past 17 years, they are also equipped to build out new or updated systems to fulfill your business/service needs. I have worked with Joyce and Mike Treat and their ITsoft team over the past 14 years across several organizations and can attest to the level of care they take with their clients, their attention to detail and professionalism, and the satisfactory results we experienced at JACO and Recleim through our partnership with ITsoft.

One of the main issues we have had in the past with vendors and partners is a lack of clarity and transparency and ITsoft focuses on providing both which adds increased value to the work they provide. They are very responsive and reliable. They work to understand your expectations, build a detailed work plan, and provide status updates and milestones to reaching the desired goals.

In my time working with ITsoft, I always appreciated their willingness to listen to my concerns and needs, collaborate on possible solutions, and quickly deliver the resolution within a timely manner. They are kind and caring and work to build up your brand to help make your company/project a success. I have no doubt that if you chose ITsoft as a new partner, they will be a tremendous asset to your organization.

Brittany Hightower-Pfeil Program Manager
Appliance Recycling USA

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of AR-USA and Itsoft.

Our company has been working with Itsoft and using there services for over 10 years and have always been completely satisfied with there performance. They do an excellent job, and offer the most competitive rates in the business.

  • Working with Mike Treat and AR-USA--ITsoft company staff, has been the best service and reliability that we have ever experienced with Vendor contractors. Mike is great to work with, and his staff is also great to work with, and they get there work tasks done very well.
  • We really like being able to use the very good AR-USA--ITsoft applications, to help us in getting our work done to serve the Utility company.
  • We like using the APPs because we are now able to get our work done much better with our customers, their orders, and the refrigerator and other units.
  • USA staff can provide training to our employees on how to use the useful applications.
  • Mike and his staff are very knowledgeable about the entire Recycling process, and very smart about how we can use their AR-USA--ITsoft applications, to get our jobs done.
  • Mike and his staff are very honest, transparent, and show good integrity and enthusiasm in their work. They will do almost anything needed, to get the job done for us. They are very dedicated and focused workers.
  • We are totally happy that we are using AR-USA--ITsoft, because they are responsible and fast on our service work. Our trucking operation is running smooth because of the ITsoft DB SYSTEM.

I’m Happy to recommend the services of AR-USA and Itsoft If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Keith Yanchek President
Key Recycling LLC